Products and Services

Reservations System

Reservations is the core of the AirKiosk system and services, providing Inventory Control, Fares, Revenue Management, and Booking services.

The AirKiosk reservations system has the familiar functions and procedures found in traditional TPF- and USAS-based systems, but uses modern Linux-based programs, making the solution more scalable, portable, and economical.

On request, the system is available for installation on the customer's servers.

Please use our Contact-us form for inquiries about this solution.

Check-in system

The DepartureKiosk check-in system for airport handling includes printer management and message switching functions.

DepartureKiosk check-in can be delivered in conjunction with the AirKiosk reservations system, or can be independently deployed by any airline capable of generating and transmitting PNL and ADL messages.

Optionally, the system can include IWB (Internet Weight and Balance) for Load Control.

The system is capable of managing directly attached printers, such as Vidtronix, IER, Zenith, and others, or can be connected to CUTE, MUSE or UltraCute, for printer sharing available at the airport.

ASP/Hosting service

Hosted AirKiosk system services are available to airlines which do not want to run a reservations system themselves, offering an economical way to have a Passenger Services System (PSS) solution without investing in hardware, software, and the dedicated staff needed to manage this environment.

The AirKiosk system ASP is an ideal solution for start-ups, small to mid-sized airlines, charter companies, tour operators, consolidators, and brokers.

Airlines can be up and running in a couple of weeks, without an implementation fee and without a minimum contract term.

AirKiosk ASP pricing starts at $500 per month for approximately 60,000 RPB per annum.

MSW Links

The AirKiosk MSW system manages connectivity and messaging between different systems, such as GDSs, DCSs, immigration and custom services, PSPs (Payment Service Providers), and other services used in conjunction with PSS applications.

AirKiosk MSW is capable of generating and converting various types of traffic and message formats, such as Type A, Type B, SFTP, ARIMP, Edifact, XML, and custom formats.

AirKiosk MSW is included in our ASP/Hosting services, but can also be installed to run independently.


The AirXML API is our solution for linking third-party websites with the inventory, fares, and bookings of airlines using the AirKiosk system.

Introduced in 2006, it has allowed companies such as Expedia, Travelfusion, Opodo, and many others, to provide real-time flight availability display and booking through Online Travel Agent (OTA) websites.

The AirXML API can also be used to communicate with companies which have implemented one of the NDC forms of connectivity.

Websites and IBE

Major innovations such as the Low Fare Finder calendar, online changes, and online checking were introduced to the travel industry through the AirKiosk system's integrated web booking solution. Our CMS (Content Management System) allows for fully flexible, custom web page branding.

AirKiosk system web booking includes Load Balancing and dynamic resource allocation to ensure website access and speed is not degraded by Internet traffic conditions.

Server monitoring functions provide comprehensive reporting on website use and booking conversion rates, and are able to identify site "abusers."

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